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    Special Needs School Nursing

    What We Do

    The Special Needs School Nursing Service exists to provide advice, guidance and consultancy and appropriate clinical decisions and interventions. This will enable children with additional and complex health needs to receive  care and support from those who know them best, in a competent and timely way i.e. right person, right place, right time. This is expected to complement universal provision but not be part of universal delivery. The service is provided by a team of highly skilled qualified Nurses and Health Care Assistants working as part of the Children’s Complex Needs Nursing Service alongside the Complex Packages of Care and Children’s Complex Care & Assessment Team.


    • To provide specialist health advice support and coordination and, where indicated health care delivery, to ensure the health needs are met for children, young people and families with complex and additional health needs registered at a school within the borough or who live within the borough. This includes children and young people who are placed out of borough during term time. The service will also provide advice, consultancy and support to those children and families outside term time 
    • To carry out sound clinical decision making and clinical interventions when indicated and appropriate in line with the service requirements and the health care professionals scope of professional practice and competence
    • To work seamlessly with other health providers to ensure that the health needs of these children and young people are met by delivering ‘the right care by the right person, at the right time, in the right place’. 
    • To complement the work of universal provision in their delivery of the Universal Partnership Plus as outlined within the Healthy Child Programme. 
     All work within the service will be based on a number of key principles which support the provision of child and family centered integrated care. These principles are identified below:  
    • We focus on what makes a difference to the child and family 
    • We work with families to agree shared expectations.
    • We provide the best service within the resources available
    • We offer expert clinical decisions and interventions when indicated in line with the professional’s scope of practice and in line with this service specification.
    • We co-produce with parents/carers and school, to agree joint goals  (child and family centered integrated health, education and social care plan EHCP)
    • We seek and act on feedback from parent, carers and children who thereby influence practice
    • We co-produce with parents/carers and stakeholders fully involved in service development
    • We have clear roles and responsibilities
    • We ensure the Common Assessment Framework is embedded  in practice (CAF - end referral process move to request for support)  universal and targeted services have an ongoing key role
    • We ensure clinical interventions and innovations are in line with best practice
    • We deliver clinical care which is effective and can be measured 
    • We will advise and consult to ensure care and support is delivered by the most appropriate person working closely with families, school and other healthcare professional colleagues.
    • We will support effective and timely transition plans championing the child and young person’s needs
    • We will offer support and advice to families, children and young people with complex and additional needs outside of term time via  telephone support