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The Wellbeing Helpline and Texting Service

Text HELLO to 07860 022 846

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What is the Texting Service?  

A confidential* and anonymous service that aims to support the people of Lancashire's Wellbeing and Mental Health by providing emotional support to those who may prefer to communicate via text


How can the texting service help?

The service can -

Offer anonymous, emotional support via text

Intervene when someone is in crisis (please see our confidentiality policy below)

Offer information about mental health and supporting services

Empower and guide people to make positive choices about how their health care needs can be met

How does it work?

Upon texting the service, you will receive a welcome text confirming your text has been received and will be responded to within 24 hours. An operator will then respond to you, invite you to share how you are feeling and give you emotional support. You may want details of local/national services, in which the operators can provide mental health information so you can continue to access support not just from us but from other services.

What are the opening times?

The service will run alongside the Helpline opening hours which are Monday - Friday, 7pm until 11pm and Saturday-Sunday 12pm until Midnight.

If I text the service, who will I be talking to?

You will be connected to a trained operator who specialises in emotional support and wellbeing. Sometimes shift supervisors may handle the text.

Who can use the Texting service?

The service is available throughout the whole of Lancashire to anyone suffering with their own mental health or that of someone they know.

Will I be charged for using this service?

Standard text rates may apply, please check with your telephone provider.

Is the Texting Service confidential?

All texts are anonymous and treated confidentially, some exceptions to confidentiality may apply if the operator has concerns for your safety or the public. You can read our full confidentiality policy here.