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    Meet the Team

    The Cove is staffed by a range of different professionals working together to deliver the best young person-centred care. All staff are carefully chosen for their expertise, knowledge, experience, compassion and ability to work with young people.

    This multidisciplinary team includes:

    • clinical psychologists and psychological therapists
    • psychiatrists
    • mental health nurses and health care assistants
    • occupational therapists
    • dieticians
    • administrative, facilities and catering support staff

    Clinical Psychologists and Psychological Therapists work directly with the young people to help them make sense of their distress and difficulties, as well as working with their carer’s, families and all staff and services involved with them.

    Our Medical Team includes Consultants, Speciality Doctors and a GP. The doctors are involved in assessment and treatment of the young person’s physical and mental health. The doctors work in collaboration with the rest of the team to create a young person centred care plan which can combine a range of medical interventions to aid recovery.

    Our Nursing Team assess young people’s needs and work in collaboration with them and their families/carers to develop individualised care plans and risk assessments. The Nursing Team undertake regular 1 to 1 sessions with young people to ensure progress against care aims is monitored and to support them through their recovery journey.

    Occupational Therapy offers practical support to empower young people to engage in meaningful activity which is important to them and their daily life to help promote recovery and overcome barriers to occupations. They offer individual or group sessions as part of the ‘therapeutic day.’ This can range from art, animal care, baking/cooking, volunteering and physical activity which can be on or off site.

    Our Dieticians are involved in promoting all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of eating well across the unit. They work closely with young people who have potential or pre-existing eating disorders, as well as supporting those needing dietary advice because of other mental health issues. They also work with parents and carers to support them continuing the nutritional plan on leave or discharge.

    Our Social Work Team undertakes a social care assessment with all young people and their parents and carers. The purpose of this assessment is to consider any additional support that could help young people and their families.

    Our Participation Consultant runs a weekly group that gives all young people a chance to help develop and improve The Cove.  It talks about all the positive and helpful things that are happening on the ward, as well as some of the things that might need improving.

    The Crew is our active, Lancashire-wide, service user group for young people who have previously used inpatient mental health services and their families/carers. The Crew is involved in all aspects of development at The Cove.

    Education forms a big part of our therapeutic timetable. When young people come in to education at The Cove for the first time, they will undergo an induction so they know all about what happens within education here.