Diabetes (Type 1) Education

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    Type 1 Diabetes is a complex condition. Every day someone with Type 1 Diabetes needs to make numerous decisions about insulin, food choices and activity to self-manage their condition.

    In general, people are motivated to maximize their quality of life. People with type 1 diabetes require the knowledge and skills to allow them to make the best possible decisions for them to follow their chosen lifestyle.

    This programme is an opportunity for people with Type 1 Diabetes to develop and improve their self-management skills in relation to insulin therapy and carbohydrate food intake to achieve more stable glycaemia and reduce the risk of short and long-term complications.

    The course is run over a 3 – 6 week period between 5pm – 8pm on the same day each time. The course is aimed at anyone with Type 1 diabetes. It is very practical and gives you an opportunity to meet other people with Type 1 diabetes and share experiences.

    The Carbohydrate and Insulin Self-Management Course is divided into 3 modules:

    Getting the Basics Right

    Explore and strengthen understanding of Type 1 Diabetes, and insulin therapy; introducing the idea of estimating the amount of carbohydrate in food / drink.

    Methods for Estimating the Carbohydrate Content in Food/Drink

    Explore and practice using a selection of different methods for estimating the carbohydrate value of a range of food and drink, and develop an understanding of carbohydrate to insulin ratios.

    Applying Carbohydrate Estimating and Insulin Adjustment Skills

    Widen knowledge and understanding of carbohydrate estimation and insulin adjustment; and to explore and improve self-care skills in preventing and managing diabetes ketoacidosis and hypoglycaemia.

    Participant Feedback


    Absolutely worth attending, having a completely different outlook on my diabetes. Feel more in control and happier and confident about the future.

    Great workshop – very informative and practical in which the information can be used every day.

    Fantastic learning opportunity for both the diabetic and their partner, no matter how long you have had your diabetes for!