We want to make sure that you are prepared for when you arrive in Lancashire, United Kingdom so please have a read through our handy guide. This includes a brief description about Lancashire, UK weather, your accommodation and more.

Key contacts

Head Office Contacts

Name: Shamine Hall
Job Role: Senior Nurse Manager – Safer Staffing
E-mail address: Shamine.Hall@lscft.nhs.uk
Telephone Number: 07922 185 076

Name: Farzana Kauser
Job Role: Interim Head of Resourcing
E-mail address: Farzana.kauser@lscft.nhs.uk
Telephone Number: 07908 713 994

Name: Sam Hodgson
Job Role: Project Support Officer
E-mail address: samuel.hodgson@lscft.nhs.uk
Telephone Number: 07973 958 447

Name: Charlotte Nicholls
Job Role: Lead Practice Educator
E-mail address: charlotte.nicholls@lscft.nhs.uk
Telephone Number: 07977 265 671

Name: Candace Bedu-Mensah
Job Role: Strategic Lead for Equality, Diversion & Inclusion
E-mail address: candace.bedu-mensah@lscft.nhs.uk
Telephone Number: 07790 388 352

Practice Educators

Name: Rachel Brown
E-mail address: Rachel.Brown@lscft.nhs.uk
Telephone Number: 07528 704 078

Name: Ann-Marie Richardson
E-mail address: Ann-Marie.Richardson@lscft.nhs.uk
Telephone Number: 07971 239 007

Name: Tracey Naylor
E-mail address: Tracey.Naylor@lscft.nhs.uk
Telephone Number: 07971 239 005

Name: Liz Forster
E-mail address: Liz.Forster@lscft.nhs.uk
Telephone Number: 07973 958 281

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