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    Occupational Therapy - What We Do

    The primary goal of occupational therapy is to enable children and young people to participate as much as possible in activities of everyday life. We incorporate meaningful and purposeful activites to enable those with limitations or impairments to reach their full potential.

    As Occupational Therapists we address the questions....  

    • Why does the child/young person have difficulties managing their daily activities (or occupations)?
    • What we can do to make it possible for them to manage better?
    • How will this impact on their health and wellbeing?


    Our Occupational Therapy role

    Our Occupational Therapy role can incorporate....

    • Specialist seating for positioning and play at home as well as nursery or school   
    • Specialist equipment for sleeping and night time positioning
    • Bathing needs
    • Toileting needs
    • Play and hand skill development
    • Development of dressing skills
    • Early moving and handling advice
    • Assessment and recommendation for minor or major adaptations in the home environment 

    We discuss short and long term goals and provide episodes of Occupational Therapy intervention with reassessment at key times. These goals progress towards discharge or transition to self-management or other forms of care 

    We work closely with Physiotherapists and Speech and Language Therapists within the local Children's Therapy Service as well as other professionals and agencies involved in the care of the child or young person.


    Our Occupational Therapy Service

    Our Occupational Therapy service offers a range of approaches to provide you and your child with support depending on their needs. This may include:

    • Advice and suggestions for you to practice at home, school or nursery. Advice is available in a variety of ways and might be provided verbally, through advice sheets and also video demonstrations, many of which are available on this website.
    • Review phone calls to discuss your child's progress.
    • Attend Anywhere appointments- this is a web based platform that helps us offer video calls via your phone, tablet or computer.
    • Face to face appointments in the most appropriate setting (clinic, nursery, school or home). Due to COVID 19, these appointments are currently not routinely available. We will continue to support you and your child by using the other approaches mentioned above.  


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    The Local offer is an online resource that provides information on the support and guidance available to children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) aged 0 - 25 years and their families. 

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