Wheelchair Service Southport and Formby

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    Wheelchair Service - Southport and Formby

    The Wheelchair Service serves the registered population of, Southport & Formby localities of Southport, Ainsdale and Formby. The Wheelchair Service provides wheelchairs on a permanent loan basis to those whose indoor mobility is permanently restricted and will remain so for at least six months.

    What we do

    An assessment of pressure care is an integral part of the assessment. Where no or low risk is indicated a low risk comfort cushion will be provide. Where risk is identified, an appropriate pressure relieving cushion will be provided. Pressure cushions from this service are provided for use solely on the NHS wheelchair.

    The service is responsible for the assessment and prescription of wheelchairs and buggies from the age of 36 months. If however a child has postural management impairment there is no minimum age restriction.

    Clients who are unable to maintain normal posture when using a NHS wheelchair may be provided with additional postural support. Ranging from contour cushions, Posture belts or harnesses, off the shelf postural supports through to bespoke postural seating.

    How to access the service

    Referrals are accepted from GPs and AHPs for clients that are registered with a Southport and Formby GP practice.

    There are regular clinics, and home visits are available to patients who are bed/ housebound.

    Service Hours:

    Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

    How to contact us:

    Office Base:

    91 Zetland Street
    PR9 9DL

    Tel: 01704 387258


    Email for wheelchair enquiries:


    E-referrals for wheelchair referrals only: