Changetalks Offers Mental Health Education For All

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We are a service based within the Trust that offers mental health education for all. We deliver educational programmes, workshops and events focusing on mental health.

Change Talks mission is to revolutionise the way we think, talk and act about mental health. We aim to reduce the stigma, increase awareness and promote coping strategies, leading to a healthier and happier mind.

What is it we do?

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Schools and colleges

Our key focus has been working with schools and colleges. Our main aim is to prevent mental health issues and also to provide early intervention to those who require further support. The schools programme has been designed by those with lived experience and mental health professionals. Change Talks has worked with over 35,000 11-18 year olds since the beginning of 2018, delivering education on topics such as anxiety, depression, social media and drug use. We offer a six week programme for high schools, to work with groups of up to 30 pupils to engage in this thought provoking programme.

The programme is split into six one hour sessions which consist of;

1.             Lived experience talk - reducing stigma and an introduction to mental health

2.             Depression - The science behind this and the negative thought process

3.             Anxiety - What does feeling anxious mean? Social anxiety focus

4.             Self-harm - Why do people do this? Techniques to stop this

5.             Bullying and social media - Is it real? Why do we compare?

6.             Positive coping strategies

Train the trainer pilot

In order to embed the Change Talks service into schools across Lancashire and South Cumbria, the service is undergoing a transformation into a train the trainer model. The train the trainer model will teach pastoral teams or selected teachers in high schools to deliver the Change Talks sessions. In order to pilot this, we are piloting this model in 2021 and the focus will be upon three high schools. Each school would select two or three allocated staff members to receive the training and then they would deliver the sessions to year nine and ten pupils within two term times.

In order to broaden the Change Talks offer, there will be numerous other organisations involved to help create informative and interactive sessions. Each organisation would help design the lesson plans and support the training for schools. Further to this, teams within LSCft are helping design sessions on topics such as; sexual health, learning disabilities and smoking.

The topics covered would be;

- Depression
- Self-harm
- Peer pressure
- Manipulation
- Communication
- Sexual Health
- Learning Disabilities
- Smoking and Drugs
- Social Media
- Knife Crime
- Eating Disorders
- Coping Strategies

Change Talks Events

Change Talks events provide a variety of topics, ranging on mental health issues, alongside professionals delivering talks on how to create a healthier mind. Many of our speakers have lived experience of mental health, many of which share their own powerful story of how they deal or how they overcame mental health issues. Utilising lived experience creates a truly inspirational event.

One area in which we are passionate with at Change Talks, is utilising functional medicine. Some of our speakers are well respected professionals within the health and well-being community. We have health and fitness entrepreneurs, educating the public on exercise and nutrition advice. Not only this, but we provide speakers who deliver insightful talks on mindfulness and mediation.

Our events so far have sold out in a matter of hours, with around 150 people attending each event. Further to this, we have a vast amount of organisations who support and attend our events. If you needed to talk to somebody or needed some further guidance, the services presents are able to help support you with your concerns.

Change Talks hosts events for other organisations and helps support businesses, third sector organisations or even individuals to run their events. If you would like support, whether this be designing your event or your need a host/speaker then please do get in touch.

Change Talks business

We offer workplace seminars and workshops to give company employees an understanding of the signs for mental health illnesses. 1 in 3 current sick related leave days is directly related to mental health well-being, , we want to deliver talks which enable people to understand and cope with mental health more.  Our sessions can be tailored to your needs, including talks on; work place stress, anxiety, coping strategies and negative thoughts.

Let's Work Together

If you have an event or project in mind, why not let us know about it. We will try our best to support you any way we can. Whether it be speaking and helping you organise your own event or by us taking the pressure and running one on your behalf, let us know.

What People Think

Some kind words from our events.

“Really inspiring, brave and motivated group of individuals. Thak you for sharing your stories.”


Community Event, Leyland SRBC

“It's changed my perception on life, people, helping others as well as myself. It made me feel like I want to help myself and ways that i can help myself. I'd often feel worthless. Stuck in my own mind. I think people need to be reminded that they ‘are somebody'.”


S&C Event, Riverside College

“One of the best events I have been to. So nice to know that there's others feeling the same. Definately need to be more like this”


Community Event, Carlisle Eden