Apprenticeships at LSCFT

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Apprenticeships at LSCft

At LSCft, we are committed to investing in our people by nurturing talent and providing them with the opportunity to develop. Lots of our workforce started out by doing an apprenticeship including those who have seen this as an opportunity to progress without having to go to college or university full time.

Benefits to an apprenticeship

  • Earn some money
  • Grow in self-confidence Learn new skills
  • Gain experience of working as part of a team
  • Receive support along the way

How to apply for an apprenticeship

The Apprenticeship Levy can be used to fund staff development qualifications. If a development need has been identified on your PDR then please contact us to check if a relevant apprenticeship qualification is available. We have qualifications ranging from L2 and L7 (Master's Degree) in a wide range of clinical and non-clinical subjects - our prospectus is available here.

Please email: for further information.

Apprenticeship myth buster



If I complete an apprenticeship my rate of pay will change.

There is no change to the rates of pay of staff who are completing an apprenticeship in their current role. 

I am too old to complete an apprenticeship.

Anyone over 16 can complete an apprenticeship and there is no upper age limit.

My existing terms and conditions would change.

Your terms and conditions would only change if you are appointed to do a new role.

I already have an existing qualification so won't be able to complete an apprenticeship too.

Staff can complete an apprenticeship at a higher, lower or equivalent level than already achieved if we can evidence that you will gain new skills and knowledge.

There are only low-level apprenticeship opportunities available.

Qualifications are available from levels 2 – 7 which is Master's level.

My department would need to pay for the qualification.

The cost of the apprenticeship is fully funded through the apprenticeship levy.



LSCFT invests over £1.3 million in apprenticeships each year.

  • We have excellent staff benefits
  • We are an inclusive employer, we encourage applications from all sections of society and we are happy to discuss reasonable adjustments and or arrangements as required
  • After completion of their qualification, many of our apprentices stay with us and go on to have successful careers within LSCFT
  • Lots of opportunities for career progression
  • We are committed to our apprentices' welfare
  • We embrace diversity.

Benefits of recruiting an apprentice in your team

Before you decide to recruit an apprentice for your team, it's worth considering the many ways someone could add value. Getting an apprentice can bring longs of benefits including:

  • Attracting new talent
  • Developing career pathways
  • Enhancing patient care
  • Tackling staffing issues
  • Creating a more diverse workforce Increasing productivity in your teams

New apprentice recruitment

We are looking to recruit a cohort of apprentices later this year, if your team is interested in taking on an apprentice and would like to be involved then please get in touch with us by emailing: for further information.

Current vacancies 

Find out more and view our current vacancies.