Friends and Family Test (FFT)

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What is the Friends & Family Test (FFT)

The FFT asks the people in our services whether they would recommend the NHS service they have received to friends and family who need similar treatment or care. Everyone is offered the opportunity to complete the FFT questionnaire when they are ready to be discharged from our services or at other points during their care pathway. The FFT questionnaire may be completed by using an ipad, one of our electronic kiosks or a paper questionnaire.

The FFT asks the following question, How likely are you to recommend our service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?' The response options range from 'extremely likely' to extremely unlikely' with an opportunity to also provide further comments on the care received.

Feedback helps us to understand where we can make improvements to services, identify what matters most to people and to see where there is good practice.

What we do with the feedback received

The FFT provides a valuable insight into the experiences of those people using the services we offer. We use this feedback to help shape improvements in the services we offer. 

NHS England Reports

January 2021 (Mental Health - Community Health)

February 2021 (Mental Health - Community Health)

March 2021 (Mental Health - Community Health)

June 2021 (Mental Health - Community Health)

December 2021 (Mental Health - Post Covid - Community Health)

Please leave your feedback

We value your feedback about the experience you have had with our services. Please select the link for the area you have accessed services.

If your service is not shown please look under the Specialist Services link for the service you attended. 


Supporting the FFT 

We are committed to improving the experiences of the people using services and everyone's experience is important.  Please ensure you select the questionnaire for the service you have used. If you wish to complete a paper copy of the FFT Postcard, please email or phone us for a FFT Postcard to be sent out to you. 
Experience & Engagement Team Contact Details
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By Telephone:   01772 773489 - Experience Administrator