Person centered relates to how we engage with each other, service users, carers and staff.

To create our Person Centred Framework we held 5 online focus groups with Tommy Whitelaw for service users, carers and staff to attend. The focus groups asked the questions:

  • what matters to you?
  • who matters to you?

Tommy also attended a Trust Engage session in February 2020 where we got ideas from colleagues and shared work already happening across the Trust.

Our Principles

Our principles align with and work to achieve the Trust's strategic priorities.

  • We will ensure we treat everyone as unique individuals embracing the diverse needs of each other
  • We will work together, respect and trust each other
  • We will use feedback to improve care and use open questions to explore what is important
  • We will listen to people's stories as they are fundamental to our learning
  • We will be aware of what matters to us and who matters to us. We will encourage everyone to see their potential
  • We will ensure we ask about people's strengths and make decisions together to instill hope.


Explore each statement below to see which tools we will use to achieve them.

  • One-page profiles for service users and staff
  • Maximizing the use of social prescribing
  • Using ‘My Plan’ within specialist nursing teams

  • Shared decision making
  • Teams to develop pledge trees to pledge how they will make a difference

  • Friends and Family Test and local patient and carer surveys
  • Always Events®

  • One-page profiles for patients and staff
  • Engage family members and carers to support care delivery
  • ‘What Matters to you’ document used across district nursing teams

  • Monthly board stories will be shared across the Trust through ‘My Story’

  • Review the care planning process and implement Dialog +
  • Patient and staff one-page profiles
  • End of Life Care Plans

  • Shared decision making
  • Care Planning via Dialog+