Our vision

To support our local communities by excelling in everything we do together.

Our values and behaviours

Four members of staff stand holding a sign each displaying one of our values

  • We are approachable and show compassion
  • We actively listen to what people need and proactively offer our support
  • We pay attention to our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others
  • We celebrate success and provide feedback that is sincere and genuine

  • We are open and honest, ensuring people receive information in ways they can understand
  • We support different perspectives and views
  • We put service users at the heart of everything we do, proactively seeking feedback
  • We take pride in our work, and take responsibility for our actions

  • We seek out opportunities to learn so we are supported to reach our potential
  • We set high standards, and are open and flexible to change, and improvement
  • We value appraisals, supervision and learning opportunities
  • We speak out if the safety of our service users is compromised

  • We take personal and team accountability, to deliver the highest standards of care
  • We work in partnership with our service users to ensure co-production, engagement and learning.
  • We actively build trusting relationships, and take time to celebrate success
  • We work in collaboration with others outside of the Trust, ensuring excellent outcomes for service users and carers

Our Strategic Priorities

Our vision and values are supported by six strategic priorities, which outline key areas of focus for the Trust.

  1. We will put service users at the heart of everything we do, supporting effective care, recovery and wellbeing
  2. We will employ and retain the best staff because our work culture will be inclusive and a supportive place to work
  3. We will deliver safe care and we will embrace an open and learning culture, ensuring we continually improve
  4. We will respond to peoples’ needs by striving for the highest standards of quality, proactively reducing health inequalities
  5. In order to support our local communities by excelling in everything we do together we will always collaborate with our system partners
  6. We will provide sustainable services that are delivered in an effective and efficient way, at the time people need it.

You can find out more about our strategy by watching the video below:

Trust Strategies 

Download our Trust Strategy, Strategy Summary and Plan on a page.

Enabling Strategies

Our strategic priorities will be delivered through specific enabling strategies that will work together to help us achieve success.

Download our Enabling Strategies