Health Visiting Services

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    Health Visiting Services

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    Health visitors aim to promote the health and well-being of families with children under the age of five.

    They encourage healthy lifestyles, addressing concerns about physical and mental wellbeing, as well as readdressing health inequalities.

    All health visitors are registered nurses or midwives with an additional qualification as a specialist community public health nurse.

    The service aims to work in partnership with families and with other local providers of services for children and families.

    Health visitors lead on the National Healthy Child Programme (birth to five years) and universally offer health reviews and support to families at home or in a community venue.

    They offer a wide range of advice and support, including:

    • Breastfeeding support, infant feeding and weaning
    • Parenting advice and support with behaviour management
    • Maternal emotional wellbeing and mental health support
    • Monitoring and assessing child development and growth, and speech and language development
    • Family planning information
    • Immunisation advice
    • Common illness management
    • Safety and accident prevention
    • Support with disabilities and special needs
    • Supporting healthy eating
    • Safeguarding children
    • General health advice and referral to appropriate services
    • Domestic Abuse

    Please follow this link for details of your local team

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