Medicines Management Team

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    Medicines Management Team

    The Medicines Management Team within Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust (LSCFT) provides a comprehensive medicines management service across all the networks and localities. The team led by Chief Pharmacist and Accountable Officer, Dr Sonia Ramdour, comprises of a combination of Pharmacists, Clinical Medicines Management Technicians and Medicines Management Nurses providing expert advice and support in all aspects of medicines management within the Trust.  We also work closely with other organisations to promote the safe and effective use of medication across the wider health economy.

    The team is managed in localities and provides clinical pharmacy support to both inpatients and community settings and also has independent pharmacist prescribers working in a variety of services across networks. The locality lead pharmacists also take a network lead supporting the safe management of medicines across the organisation.

    As a team we welcome queries regarding medication and are available to provide information regarding any aspect of medication to healthcare professionals from any setting, Service Users and Carers.

    Please contact the team using the following numbers:
    Central Lancashire 01772 406644
    East Lancashire 01254 226116
    North Lancashire 01253 303698

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