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Freephone Wellbeing, Mental Health Helpline and Texting Service

The LSCFT Wellbeing & Mental Health Helpline is an Freephone out of hours, person centred listening environment for people requiring emotional support in relation to their own mental health or that of someone they know. The Helpline aims to empower callers through active listening and information to make their own choices about how their health care needs may be met. Fully trained volunteers operate the helpline, they offer their time to listen and support callers.

Confidentiality: The Helpline strives to maintain a safe and confidential space for callers to discuss any issues in relation to their own mental health, however some exceptions to confidentiality may apply under certain circumstances. You are able to listen to these exceptions upon calling the helpline freephone service.

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year