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    Podiatry - Preston, Longridge and Chorley & South Ribble

    Podiatry is the medical discipline which deals with foot related health and disease. The word podiatry has largely replaced the term chiropody by professionals. Podiatrists specialise in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of problems affecting the foot and ankle.

    The Podiatry Service is aimed at people with 'at risk' feet. This means that priority will be given to people who have been diagnosed with poor circulation, loss of feeling in the feet, or another medical condition which places them at risk of developing ulcerations, infections or other significant foot problems.

    We do not offer a simple nail cutting service to patients whose feet are not considered to be 'at risk'. The following leaflet is aimed at providing you with the necessary information to undertake regular nail care in a safe and confident manner and advice on common ailments.

    Treatment will only be provided if deemed necessary by the podiatrist.

    The podiatrists work in close partnership with other health professionals including GPs, specialist nurses, district nurses, practice nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and hospital services e.g. the Specialist Diabetes Service in Central Lancashire.

    The Podiatry service provides the following through a skill mix of qualified podiatrists and foot care assistants:rn

    • Specialist Biomechanics Clinics including joint physiotherapy/podiatry clinics - gait and developmental abnormalities are assessed and where appropriate, orthoses (insoles) are prescribed to correct and maintain foot function

    • Nail Surgery - the removal of either part of the nail or the whole nail under local anaesthesia to correct in-growing toe nails

    • Woundcare Clinics - providing care for complex foot wounds

    • Diabetes Care - providing annual foot assessments; treatment, specialist education (DESMOND) and review of patients with diabetes. Working as part of the diabetes multidisciplinary team including consultant led foot clinic. Provide direct referral to the consultant diabetologist if necessary. LSCFT specialist foot care clinics take part in the National Diabetes Foot Care Audit (NDFA). Further details below.

    • Rheumatology Clinics - providing assessment, treatment and review including provision of orthoses / insoles where necessary. Working as part of the multidisciplinary team including consultant led clinic. Provide direct referral to the consultant if necessary

    • Advanced Vascular assessments for those referred by podiatrists - using specialist diagnostic equipments, podiatry staff are able to assess blood flow to the feet that can be a valuable indicator as to their vascular status. Direct referral to vascular consultant if necessary

    • General Podiatry Clinics - a holistic approach to general footcare and health education to improve or maintain foot health for those patients with an assessed need including biomechanics and wound care

    • Foot care clinics - for basic foot care, foot health education and advice for those with the at risk foot

    How to access this service

    The service accepts self referrals and referrals from GPs using the attached Podiatry Referral Form

    Where this service is provided

    This service is available for advice and assessment to people of all ages including children who are registered with a GP in the following areas:

    • Preston
    • Longridge
    • Chorley
    • South Ribble

    The service is provided from a number of community clinics and health centres. Home visits are available for people who are housebound.

    Chorley Clinics:

    Adlington Clinic
    Railway Road
    PR6 9RG

    Tel: 01772 644666
    Fax: 01772 678087

    Bamber Bridge Clinic
    School Lane
    Bamber Bridge
    PR5 6QE

    Tel: 01772 644676
    Fax: 01772 678081

    Buckshaw Village Surgery
    Unity Place
    Buckshaw Village
    PR7 7HZ

    Tel: 01772 644160

    Clayton Brook Clinic
    Tunley Holme
    Bamber Bridge
    PR5 8ES

    Tel: 01772 644731
    Fax: 01772 678084

    Coppull Clinic
    2 Springfield Road
    PR7 5EJ

    Tel: 01772 644740
    Fax: 01772  678086

    Chorley & South Ribble District Hospital
    Preston Road
    PR7 1PP

    Tel: 01257 245662
    Fax: 01257 245203

    Eccleston Health Centre
    Doctors Lane
    PR7 5RA

    Tel: 01772 644765
    Fax: 01772  678089

    Euxton Medical Centre
    St Mary's Gate
    PR7 6AH

    Tel: 01772 644675
    Fax: 01772 678085

    Leyland Clinic
    Yewlands Drive
    PR25 2TN

    Tel: 01772 644100
    Fax: 01772 678082

    Longton Health Centre
    Liverpool Road
    PR4 5HA

    Tel: 01772 644151
    Fax: 01772 678083

    Chorley Health Centre
    Collison Avenue
    PR7 2TH

    Tel: 01772 644700
    Fax: 01772 678090

    Penwortham Health Centre
    St Mary's
    Cop Lane
    PR1 0SR

    Tel: 01772 644151
    Fax: 01772 678080


    Withnell Health Centre
    Railway Road
    PR6 8UA

    Tel: 01772 644160
    Fax: 01772 678088

    Podiatry Office
    Leyland House
    Lancashire Business Park
    Centurion Way
    PR26 6TR

    Tel: 01772 644503
    Fax: 01772 678038



    Preston Clinics:


    Ashton Health Centre
    Pedders Lane
    PR2 1HR

    Tel: 01772 777160

    Brookfield Clinic
    19 Croasdale Avenue
    PR2 6UB

    Tel: 01772 777474

    Fulwood Clinic
    4 Lytham Road
    PR2 8JB

    Tel: 01772 777225

    Geoffrey Street Health Centre
    Geoffrey Street 
    PR1 5NE

    Tel: 01772 777300

    Ingol Health Centre
    Village Green Lane
    PR2 7DS

    Tel: 01772 777427

    Longridge Community Hospital
    St Wilfrids Terrace
    PR3 3WQ

    Tel: 01772 777400

    Minerva Health Centre
    Lowthope Road
    PR1 6SB

    Tel: 01772 777600

    Preston Healthport
    Vicarage Lane
    PR2 8DW

    Tel: 01772 520230

    Ribbleton Clinic
    Langdon Drive
    Off Pope Lane
    Moor Nook
    PR2 6HT

    Tel: 01772 777473



    How to contact us

    Preston, Longridge, Chorley & South Ribble Localities Podiatry Team

    Podiatry Services
    Suite 1
    Leyland House
    Centurion Way
    PR26 6TR

    Tel: 01772 644503 or 01772 777631

    All Localities
    Email: podiatry@lancashirecare.nhs.uk

    National Diabetes Foot Care Audit (NDFA)

    Recommendations for people with diabetes;

    • Seek professional advice as soon as you notice any problems with your feet
    • Make sure you get all the annual checks you need
    • Don't smoke and keep blood pressure and cholesterol on target
    • Keep blood glucose levels on target
    • If you have had a foot problem, or your annual foot check shows you are at increased risk of foot problems, your local team will offer you regular check-ups
    • If you get poor circulation or loss of feeling in your feet, seek professional advice about how to prevent a foot ulcer

    This audit is part of the National Diabetes Audit programme (NDA).The NDA is commissioned by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) as part of the National Clinical Audit and Patient Outcomes Programme (NCAPOP) following advice to the Department of Health from the National Advisory Group on Clinical Audit and Enquiries (NAGCAE). The NDA is delivered by NHS Digital, in partnership with Diabetes UK and the National Cardiovascular Intelligence Network (part of Public Health England).

    Foot ulceration is common in people with diabetes. Around 10 per cent of people with diabetes will have a diabetic foot ulcer at some point in their lives and the cost to the NHS is estimated at around £650 million (or £1 in every £150 the NHS spends)

    In this context, the NDFA has been designed to deliver a reliable, low burden measurement system for diabetic foot disease. The measurements include the basic structure of care services, the management of each person presenting with active disease of the foot and the outcomes.

    Why is diabetic foot care important?

    • More than 60,000 people with diabetes in England are thought to have foot ulcers at any given time
    • In 2014-15 the annual cost of diabetic foot disease to the NHS in England was estimated at £1 billion, in addition to the personal/social costs of reduced mobility and sickness absence
    • Only around half of people with diabetes who have had a diabetic foot ulcer survive for 5 years
    • Treatment for diabetic foot disease may involve amputation
    • Around 7,000 people with diabetes undergo leg, foot or toe amputation each year in England
    • The risk of lower extremity amputation for people with diabetes is more than 20 times that of people without diabetes
    • Only half of patients with diabetes who have had an amputation survive for 2 years

    The results of the audit will be used to monitor the quality of care provided for diabetic foot disease against National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Guideline  NG19 ‘Diabetic foot problems: prevention and management'.

    Useful Links

    Age UK Fitter Feet
    Foot Problems and the Podiatrist - NHS Choices

    National Diabetes Foot Care Audit Leaflet

    Patient Information Leaflets

    With our leaflets we aim to give you information about the Trust in general, our services and treatments, and to provide useful information for service users and their carers.

    Please follow this link for more information