About our Pulmonary Rehabilitation service

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    Pulmonary Rehabilitation

    Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a course for adults living with COPD or another chronic lung disease who struggle with breathlessness during  daily activities (e.g walking or dressing). 

    Pulmonary Rehabilitation is offered in 2 venues across Central Preston, Chorley and South Ribble (Buckshaw Community Centre and Minerva Health Centre)

    Referrals for Pulmonary Rehabilitation will be received by any health care professional involved in your care (for example; consultants, GPs, practice nurses and district nurses). 

    Following referral a respiratory physiotherapist will ensure that the patient understands the benefits, explain the individualise programme and discuss when the programme will be able to begin.  

    During the course the patient will receive individualised tailored exercises  that can help their specific condition. The course will provide patients with advice on how to manage their disease better and an opportunity to talk to health care professionals and peers about their condition. 

    If you have a chronic lung disease, struggle with breathlessness when doing everyday activities and keen to improve your knowledge and health ask a health care professional about pulmonary rehabilitation.  

    What our patients say about us:

    A benefit I realised from taking this course was a raising of self-confidence and an awareness of improving my physical situation.

    My confidence in myself increased, I feel able to cope with my condition and that the outlook is not as bad as I had feared. Life is quite good again.

    I was definitely fitter at the end. I found muscles which I had not used for ages, making many everyday tasks easier to cope with.

    The course has helped me gain control of my breathing & to become more relaxed & confident.