Central Allocation Team  for Care and Health (CATCH)

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    Central Allocation Team 
    for Care and Health (CATCH)

    You may have been made aware of the development of the CATCH provision for Central Lancashire.

    CATCH is a service which is commissioned across our local health and social care economy agreed by A&E Delivery Board.  It supports patients registered in Greater Preston, Chorley and South Ribble CCGs .

    What is CATCH?

    • The aims for the development for a Central Allocation Team Care and Health access point are:
    • To ensure efficient use of intermediate care functions/services delivering the right intermediate care function/service at the right time for each person.
    • To provide a clear understanding of the demand for intermediate care services
    • To offer health and social care professionals one route to intermediate care where the patient/customer they have been working with will have their intermediate care needs met and their journey through intermediate care managed by a dedicated team working the best interests of each patient/customer.
    • Improve timeliness/simplicity process for access to intermediate care as a result of channelling referrals through one point of access.
    • Wherever possible intermediate care will be arranged in the persons own home, where this is not possible the team will allocate an alternative appropriate service.
    • To make best use of resources available to the Lancashire County Council and CCGs to reduce unnecessary admission to acute hospital beds, to reduce length of stay, to facilitate timely and safe discharge and to reduce readmission rates.

    How does CATCH work?

    On planning discharge from the hospital, the clinicians will assess the needs of the patient, but will now refer them to CATCH to support allocation of intermediate care resources to meet those needs. This could be through reablement, Home First assessment and provision, community therapy, community beds for assessment and rehabilitation please note this list is not extensive.

    The CATCH service will monitor the availability of intermediate care provision across Central Lancashire to manage provision and reduce duplication. They will then refer to patient onto these services to facilitate both timely and appropriate discharge from hospital or avoid admission.

    CATCH initially opened up for referrals from acute therapies and have progressed to accepting referrals from the Integrated Discharge Service (IDS). Following this, CATCH will be opened up to GP referral to support step up provision from community.

    Who is the CATCH team?

    CATCH is staffed by Therapists, Senior Social Workers, Social Care Support Officers and Care Co-ordinators, managed by an Operational Manager, Rochelle Bentley.

    CATCH will support both the referrer and the intermediate care provider to manage the referral and facilitate the transition onto the service via one single point of access.  

    What are the CATCH working hours?

    Eventually, CATCH will be available 8.00am - 8.00pm, 7 days a week.  

    How to contact CATCH?

    If you need to speak to someone, please ring 01772 777999 or email the CATCH team at csrccg.catch@nhs.net