Life Skills Course

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    Life Skills Course

    The Life Skills Course is for people who are currently being supported by Community Mental Health Teams. 

    The Life Skills Course is a Psycho-education course (understanding, knowledge and practical skills) and is for people who can have difficulty regulating emotions, have difficulty with relationships and can have difficulty with day to day problem solving.

    There are different modules that run on a rolling basis; these are focused on the following topics:

    • Tolerating distress
    • Tolerance of Emotions
    • Sensitivity and Interpersonal Problems
    • Impulse Control 

    Modules run for six weeks and last around 90 minutes. These sessions will consist of a combination of skills teaching and group problem solving.

    There is a requirement that group members will attend all six sessions of the module. Some people may attend just one module, others may go on to complete several or all of the modules. 

    If you are interested please discuss this with your care coordinator.