Mental Health Family Hour

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    Image of Sam Tyrer & Dave Cottrell

    The Mental Health Family hour is an initiative by Sam Tyrer, founder of the Mental Health for Schools Education Programme “Change Talks” and Prevention and Engagement lead for LSCft, and Mental Health First Aider, educator and presenter Dave Cottrell, who operates online under the name Mindset By Dave.

    Before lockdown Change Talks would go into five schools across Lancashire every half-term and deliver a 6-week Mental Health Education Programme. Both Sam and Dave wanted to ensure that during lockdown children were still getting access to PHSE style mental health education, so they launched a weekly show that would stream live on at 10am every Tuesday and then be available to watch later on YouTube.

    The show has aired 9 episodes and covered a wide variety of mental health topics including anxiety, depression, coping strategies, suicide, drug use, self-esteem, eating disorders and social media use. Each episode lasts for over an hour.

    The show is aimed at children and young people experiencing these things and the parents and teachers supporting them. The hosts launched the show with the aim of opening up lines of communication between children and their parents and teachers to enable more beneficial conversations around mental health.

    The hosts say that although they miss being face to face with the students, they would previously have been limited to a maximum of 150 students per week and geographically limited to Lancashire. Thanks to streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube this number is potentially limitless. Also, being able to speak to children as well as their parents and teachers is proving to be a huge benefit of this platform.

    All episodes are available to watch lower down this page.

    Episode 1 – Anxiety

    Episode 2 – Communicating about mental health

    Episode 3 – Social media and self-image

    Episode 4- Stress and coping strategies

    Episode 5- Depression

    Episode 6 – Eating disorders and body image

    Episode 7 – Beliefs, self-esteem and confidence

    Episode 8 – Resilience, peer-pressure and bullying

    Episode 9 – Mindfulness and visualisation

    Episode 10 - Year 10 special

    Episode 11 - Schools reopening, teachers special

    Episode 12 - Year 6 special

    The show will continue to air for the next few weeks as we aim to cover all the topics which can have an impact on mental health, so keep checking in with us every Tuesday at 10am by clicking on the link or going to You Tube.  So far we have had over 6000 views across all platforms. We are going to be doing 12 episodes in total, which include an episode for both year 6's and year 10's to support them in their transition periods.