A group of colleagues have been selected to attend a special celebration ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

The invite comes as part of the NHS’ 75th birthday celebrations, with the service taking place in London on the actual birthday date itself, Wednesday 5 July.

The ceremony will see NHS workers, including the six who have been chosen from LSCft, making their way from across the country to mark the special anniversary in the capital.

Max Oosman (pictured with England’s Chief Nursing Officer, Ruth May), who originally came to England from Mauritius when he was 19 back in 1972, has been personally invited after dedicating 51 years of service as a nurse. He still works in nursing, with his current role in the East Lancashire Older Adult Memory Service in Burnley.

On hearing the news he had been invited, Max said:

“I feel humbled, privileged and honoured to have been invited to attend Westminster Abbey to celebrate 75 years of the NHS.

I have seen many changes in the NHS over the years and am very optimistic about the next 75 with the long awaited workforce plan being finally published this week.”

A further group of five staff, who were personally selected by the Chief Executive, Chris Oliver, after being nominated by their peers, are:

Bhavna Parmar for her clinical work over many years, as well as her efforts to safeguard communities, promote inclusion and drive improvement work, which she does in her current role as the Clinical Lead for Continuous Improvement.

Imran Chati leads a great team who ensure that medical roles are staffed so patients can be offered the best in expertise, care and support. He has made an immeasurable difference to the lives of the international medical graduates, who come to Lancashire and South Cumbria from a variety of countries, ensuring that they are given a warm welcome and have somewhere to go for help while they settle in.

Jamie Vickers, who works in emergency planning, is known at the Trust for his excellent teamwork and going the extra mile. He is always willing to help colleagues and offers solutions and support to colleagues,

Hassan Sidat is one of the faces of community and service user engagement at LSCft, working with diverse communities. He has played a key part in the reopening of the Chai Centre in Burnley, which is a community and wellbeing hub available for all. He also known for driving the Trust’s ‘HARRI’ bus the length and breadth of Lancashire and South Cumbria to help promote health and wellbeing, offering help to those with health goals.

Anthony Kenyon uses his lived experience of mental health services to put people at the centre of their care and push improvement, all for the good of our patients. Anthony’s personal recovery journey is hailed as inspirational to many at LSCft.

CEO, Chris Oliver, said:

“I am delighted to have chosen Bhavna, Hasan, Anthony, Jamie and Imran, to represent the Trust as they reflect what the NHS is all about. While each in different support roles, they exemplify how important those who often work in the background are and reflect the very best in what we offer to our patients, families and carers. I can safely say that they, like many others including Max Oosman, one of our incredible nurses also attending the ceremony, deserve this special recognition on this very special day.

It’s incredible to think that the NHS, which employs thousands upon thousands of people in clinical and support roles across the country, is still putting patients at the heart of everything, which is testament to our colleagues who keep it going, doing their very best every day. I am proud of everyone who has each played a part, no matter their role or length of service.

Happy 75th Birthday NHS, here’s to many more!”

When it was founded in 1948, the NHS was the first universal health system to be available to all, free at the point of delivery.

According to NHS England, today, the NHS treats over one million people per day, with nine in 10 people agreeing that healthcare should be free of charge. More than four in five agree that care should be available to everyone, and that the NHS makes them most proud to be British.