It is estimated that almost 15 per cent of adults across Lancashire still smoke. With the cost of living rises, stopping smoking could increase the amount of money available and also improve your health.

The use of tobacco is a major risk factor for many health conditions including cancer, heart disease and stroke. It’s more important than ever for people to quit smoking and start improving their respiratory wellness. 

Quit Squad is a dedicated specialist stop smoking service in Lancashire, funded by Lancashire County Council which is free to access. It supports anyone over the age of 12 to stop smoking.  The service provides advice, support and stop smoking medicines. This can be at the cost of a prescription, or free if you are on benefits.  Quit Squad is delivered by a team of specially trained NHS advisors who are friendly, approachable and welcoming. 

Quit Squad Manager, Karen Rutter said:

“It is never too late to quit.  If you want to stop smoking we can support you to take the first step.  You are three times more likely to quit with our support than going alone"

Karen continued:

“We’re urging smokers to kick the habit once and for all and not only improve their health, but also the health of their friends and families. With the cost of living also on the rise, smokers can save money by quitting, Quit Squad are here to help you on your journey"

If you would like to quit call 0800 328 6297 or visit our website, where you will find details of local sessions and support including the free to download My Quite Route app.  You can also follow Quit Squad on social media @LancsQuitSquad.