As Ramadan approaches, Quit Squad are encouraging Muslims to stop smoking throughout Ramadan and beyond to benefit from a smokefree life. 

Muslims preparing for Ramadan will soon begin fasting during daylight hours for the duration of Ramadan which also means refraining from smoking and chewing tobacco. Getting specialist support from Quit Squad, Lancashire’s specialist stop smoking service, ran in partnership with the Trust and Lancashire County Council, can help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms and set you off on the journey to a smokefree life.  

Quitting smoking has a number of benefits for your physical health, mental health and finances. After just 20 minutes pulse rates will begin to return to normal and after 8 hours oxygen levels begin to recover and the harmful carbon monoxide in the body has halved. By 48 hours the body is carbon monoxide free and the lungs are beginning to clear our mucus and senses of taste and smell improve. 

Telha Rashid, Quit Squad Advisor said:

“Ramadan is a time of abstinence and discipline from dawn to sunset, if you are fasting you will be going without a cigarette, shisha or other tobacco products for almost 16 hours every day which is a huge achievement, but you could also quit for good and feel the long term benefits.

People often don’t realise that nicotine patches can be used throughout fasting to combat cravings and sprays and chewing gums can be used once fast is broken. 

When cravings are at their peak, try to look for distractions, whether that is doing the washing up straight after your meal or avoiding food you associate with cigarettes.”

Being prepared is the key, Quit Squad can support you with specialist advice and nicotine replacement treatments. Being prepared and making the commitment beforehand means you are more likely to succeed especially with support from Quit Squad.

The benefits of stopping smoking can also be financial, someone buying and smoking 20 cigarettes a day is able to save around £4639.15 a year when they quit. Quit Squad suggest creating a money saving jar throughout Ramadan so the saving is clear to see and the money saved can be donated to your chosen charity at the end of Ramadan.

Zoe Barber, Quit Squad Service Manager concluded:

“Never give up on giving up, every time you try to stop smoking, you’re a step closer to success. If you want to stop smoking this Ramadan our specially trained NHS advisors are friendly, approachable, non-judgmental and we can support you to take the first step. Our service is available in Urdu, Punjabi and Gujarati and we provide advice, support and stop smoking medicines to anyone over the age of 12, this can be at the cost of a prescription, or free if you are on benefits.”

If you would like to quit call 0800 328 6297 or visit the Quit Squad website where you will find details of local sessions and support including the free to download My Quite Route app. You can also follow Quit Squad on social media @LancsQuitSquad.