This Armistice Day, we are honouring all veterans and highlighting our continued recognition as a Veteran Aware Trust. 

Armistice Day takes place on 11 November each year and marks the end of the First World War. It is a day of commemoration and an occasion to remember and honour all fallen war victims.

The Royal British Legion defines a military veteran as someone who has served in the armed forces for more than one day, whether as a regular member or a reservist.

The Veteran Aware Trust accreditation, which we have held for almost three years, means that there are established structures to support service users in appropriate care or treatment who are from the Armed Forces Community.

This includes veterans and their families, as when former serving military personnel experience difficulties, their loved ones also often share this experience. This dedication to veterans includes prioritising those with service or transition related illness to receive treatment and care.

The Trust recognises that the transition to civilian life from the forces can be extremely difficult, sometimes caused by the move from an environment which provided regimented daily structure and purpose, or the loss of support and camaraderie. The transition process can also prove challenging when searching to find meaningful employment, suitable housing and financial stability after returning from service.

Many veterans say that they have problems with managing war memories, which the Trust can help you with. If you have physical health problems as a result of your service, we may also be able to help you cope emotionally with these difficulties. There are also services to support with alcohol and drugs consumption.

Andy Jones, Lead for Veterans and Director of Operations at LSCft said:

“Images of war and devastation are never far from our screens, which is particularly relevant at the moment given what we’re seeing on the news, and they act as a constant reminder of the impacts of conflict, both physical and psychological.

We help many veterans and the work we do to educate and inform staff and to support and guide our veteran service users into the right type of care is invaluable as part of our society’s responsibility to repay the debt of gratitude to them and their families.” 

Mental health support is available across Lancashire and South Cumbria. You can call the Crisis Line on 0800 953 0110 which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are an ex-member of the Armed Forces or a family member please identify yourself on your first contact with LSCft.