Susan Lees, 62, is one of our health visitors working in Blackburn. Susan completed her nursing training 44 years ago and has spent 21 of them here.

Susan has many talents. After completing her nurse training, she went on to study midwifery, working on the midwifery ward. She became a community midwife and completed a diploma in health studies.

She didn’t stop there. Whilst working, in 2004 she began studying an Open University course working with children, families and promoting health skills. She gained a postgraduate diploma in 2006.

Susan said:

“I retired and returned on three days as I missed being around and helping people.

I enjoy the proactive nature of being a health visitor, discussing public health issues and reducing inequalities of health, while promoting wellbeing through education and knowledge. This is to empower families, working alongside them, without judgement but with help and support.

I hope to be able to carry on working for a few more years yet.”

Thank you Susan for your many years of service!

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