The intermediate dementia care service provides a specialist 10 bedded rehabilitation service for people with a diagnosis of dementia or people awaiting memory assessment following a period of physical ill health. The service offers up to six weeks of practical rehabilitation.

Please note: this service is only available to people registered with a Central Lancashire GP.

The service provides person centred care, offering functional assessment and practice of daily living skills within the unit, the individual’s home environment and within the local community.

Life story work is undertaken to promote individual programmes of meaningful activity. People have the opportunity to take part in the daily cognitive stimulation programme - reminiscence/sensory baking/music/meal preparation.

Service users and their carers are signposted to services for ongoing support. A review of individual needs takes place each week and new goals are set in discussion with the individual. With the individual's consent family are invited to a discharge planning meeting. 

How to access the service

Access to this service is via a health professional referral or a social service referral.

Criteria for referral:

  • A central Lancashire resident with a central Lancashire GP
  • Potential for improvement of daily living skills within 6 weeks
  • Individual motivation and ability to engage in rehabilitation
  • Individual consent for admission to the service

Where the service is provided 

The service is based at Broadfield Residential Home in Leyland. Therapy staff work in partnership with Lancashire county care staff.

There are 10 individual bedrooms and four of these have ensuite facilities. The unit has a large lounge with open secure access to an outside seating area. There is a working kitchen on the unit for residents to prepare hot drinks independently following an assessment by an occupational therapist. All residents are encouraged to prepare their own breakfast daily to improve their functional ability for the return home.