The mental health liaison team service provides a rapid mental health assessment service for individuals aged 16 and over who present to the accident and emergency department and medical assessment unit of the acute trusts.

As part of our work we:

  • Provide mental health assessments and advice for clients who are in-patients on medical wards within the acute trusts.
  • Conduct comprehensive risk and mental health assessments to a standardised level of best practice.
  • Offer advice and support to colleagues within the acute trusts.
  • Ensure appropriate signposting or referral to relevant statutory and non-statutory agencies as identified, including single point of access, perinatal community mental health teams, home treatment teams, substance misuse services and housing and emergency social services team in response to client need.
  • Inform, in writing, GPs and other relevant agencies with the outcomes of assessments within 24 hours.
  • Improve communication between the accident and emergency department, mental health services and other departments within the acute trust hospital setting in relation to patient care and management.