The mental health needs of a patient in a physical health care setting often remain undiagnosed and therefore untreated. To optimise the physical health care of patients, it is essential that their mental health and wellbeing are addressed at the same time.

How to access the service

The older adult hospital liaison team will offer mental health assessments and care planning to adults aged 65 years of age or above presenting with acute mental health needs on Acute Trust hospital ward settings.

The team will not provide:

  • Assessment of service users who are under the age of 65 (unless known to be living with dementia and are/have been known to OAMH services) and presenting with mental health problems on the acute ward, requiring complex discharge planning including CHC assessment. 
  • Assessment of service users on acute wards who are diagnosed with a primary neurological condition without psychiatric co-morbidity and require a CHC assessment.