Podiatry Service - Blackburn with Darwen

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    Podiatry Service - Blackburn with Darwen

    What is Podiatry?

    Podiatry is the medical discipline which deals with foot related health and disease. The word podiatry has largely replaced the term chiropody by professionals. Podiatrists specialise in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of problems affecting the foot and ankle.

    The Podiatry Service is aimed at people with 'at risk' feet who have a clinical need to prevent foot related issues. This means that priority will be given to people who have been diagnosed with poor circulation, loss of feeling in the feet, or another medical condition which places them at risk of developing ulcerations, infections or other significant foot problems.

    We do not offer a simple nail cutting service to patients whose feet are not considered to be 'at risk' and we do not treat verrucae's.  Treatment will only be provided if deemed necessary by the podiatrist and you could be discharged following your initial assessment with advice on self –care.

    What we do

    The podiatrists work in close partnership with other health professionals including GPs, specialist nurses, district nurses, practice nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and hospital s

    • Specialist Biomechanics Clinics including joint physiotherapy/podiatry clinics - gait and developmental abnormalities are assessed and where appropriate, orthoses (insoles) are prescribed to correct and maintain foot function
    • Nail Surgery - the removal of either part of the nail or the whole nail under local anaesthesia to correct in-growing toe nails
    • Wound care Clinics - providing care for complex foot wound services
    • Advanced Vascular assessments for those referred by podiatrists - using specialist diagnostic equipment, podiatry staff are able to assess blood flow to the feet that can be a valuable indicator as to their vascular status. Direct referral to vascular consultant if necessary

    Where we cover

    This service is available for advice and assessment to people of all ages including children who are registered with a GP in the following areas:

    • Blackburn
    • Darwen

    Within Blackburn with Darwen - We only provide a limited service to people who are confined to their home and offer treatment from the following locations.

    Audley Health Centre

    Longton Close


    BB1 1AX

    Tel 01254 274810

    Bentham Rd Health Centre

    Bentham Rd


    BB2 4PN

    Tel 01254 617461

    Barbara Castle Way Health Centre

    Simmons St


    BB2 1AX

    Tel 01254 617193

    Darwen Health Centre

    James St West


    BB3 1PY

    Tel 01254 283581

    Podiatry Services Admin

    Darwen Health Centre

    James St West


    BB3 1PY

    Tel 01254 283581

    Email:- BWD.ReferralMgt@lancashirecare.nhs.uk

    Roman Road Health Centre

    Fishmoor Drive


    BB2 3UY

    Tel 01254 282777

    How to access the service

    The service accepts self referrals and referrals from GPs using this referral form

    How to contact us

    Blackburn with Darwen Localities Podiatry Team

    Darwen Health Centre
    James Street West 
    BB3 1PY

    Tel: 01254 283000

    Email:- BWD Referral Mgt BWD.ReferralMgt@lancashirecare.nhs.uk

    Patient Information Leaflets

    With our leaflets we aim to give you information about self care in general, our services and treatments, and to provide useful information for service users and their carers.

    Children's Advice Leaflet

    Heel Pain Advice Leaflet

    Self Care Advice Leaflet

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