Ramsey Unit South Cumbria

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    Ramsey Unit, Furness General, Barrow

    Ramsey Unit is an assessment unit for patients with an organic illness, such as Dementia.

    It is a unit for adults based in Furness General Hospital which can take admissions from across the county. The Unit aims to provide a multi-disciplinary assessment for people who are suffering from an organic mental illness with problematic behaviours.

    The unit provides a comprehensive team based assessment and treatment for people suffering from mental health problems when they are unable to remain in their own environment, delivering an individual care and treatment plan in a safe supported environment affording privacy and dignity.  The overall goal is to re-establish the person's optimum independence and make sure that there is provision of support on discharge

    What our patients have said about us:

    "We were every impressed with the clean, light airy suitable environment. The staff worked as a team. Each one appeared to know what individual skills were needed to do their job. There was always a smile and a warm welcome when we visited and staff were interested in listening about what we knew about the service user's past life. This information helps you all understand the individual because we are all different."

    Visiting Times

    Afternoon 3 - 5pm Evening 6pm - 8pm

    Address and Telephone

    Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria LA14 4LF, UK

    Telephone: 01229 484000