The Community Prevention and Engagement Team (CPET) is the Social Inclusion service within Adult Mental Health Services providing support to ages 18 +.

The service is focused on providing support to people who are going through mental health challenges, who are socially isolated and in need of meaningful activity to prevent a deterioration in mental health. Recovery is an active part of what we do, therefore focussed on helping service users to move forwards to meet their goals and gain independence in the community to overcome the individual’s difficulties, strengthen social networks and build resilience.

Mental health rehabilitation services aim to work with people to help them acquire or regain the skills and confidence to live successfully in the community. Service users requiring these services often have impairment of their motivation and organisational skills because of prominent negative symptoms which therefore impact on their ability to manage everyday activities.

Emphasis is on supporting people to achieve as much autonomy and independence as possible and through assessment, treatment and intervention the correct level of support is identified for the duration of their rehabilitation and also for when they are discharged from the service.  Interventions include promotion of meaningful occupations and daily routines as well as promoting healthy living.

There are variances within each locality around how services are provided.

How to access the service 

The service can be accessed via an electronic referral from the service user's GP and/or mental health services (referral processes may differ in each locality). This is not a self-referral service.

For service users accepted into the service, a phone call with you and one of our team will occur, to introduce ourselves and find out a little more information about you and your needs and goals.

Community Asset Development Team (CAD)

(Central Lancashire only)

The CAD team covers Central Lancashire (Preston, Chorley and South Ribble) with an aim to develop, establish and sustain local groups and projects both face to face an online based on local needs and support these developments to become self-sustaining community assets to improve mental health, wellbeing and tackle social isolation.

This will involve the development of peer support groups/workers and promoting the use of community champions.

Have an idea for development or would like to get involved?

Please contact the Preston and Chorley Community Prevention and Engagement Team, the phone numbers overleaf or email us at

Alternatively, if you would like to know more about what is happening in your local areas or you want support for development please join our Connect My Community NHS Facebook group you can also find us on Twitter @LSCFT_CPET