What is Long Covid? 

Although most people recover from Covid-19 infection, some may experience longer term effects including a range of symptoms. These may include fatigue, breathlessness, a cough, voice changes, ‘brain fog,’ anxiety, low mood, and poor sleep.

Long Covid can affect a wide range of people from the young to old, and to those previously fit and active. You do not need to have been treated in hospital for Covid to be referred into the service, as some people may have experienced a relatively mild infection and go on to develop Long Covid.

What is the Long Covid Service?

The Long Covid service is a rehabilitation service and does not provide urgent or emergency medical care. If people are acutely unwell, they should seek medical support in the usual way – via their GP or 111 as appropriate.

The Long Covid Service aims to provide support to help people manage their Long Covid symptoms. The service is open to adults who have been suffering with symptoms, usually for 8 weeks or more.

How do I get seen by the Long Covid Service?

Please see your GP who can assess your symptoms, rule out any other potential causes for your symptoms and refer you to the Long Covid Service, if it is appropriate.

What to expect when referred to the Long Covid Service? 

The Long Covid Team is made up of different healthcare professionals, including Occupational Therapists, Respiratory Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapist and Psychological Practitioners. The team also includes GPs with an interest in Long Covid and a hospital consultant. Any ongoing medical care remains the responsibility of the person’s own GP.

Initial assessments are usually carried out by your GP.

You will be asked to complete a self-assessment form in advance of your initial assessment, which is usually carried out by the Occupational Therapist. Depending on your needs you may also be referred to other members of the team.


GPs should submit referrals using the electronic form within their EMIS system.

Other referrers

Please email LongCovidReferral@lscft.nhs.uk to request a form.