Post Covid Services across Lancashire and South Cumbria. We have one central referral hub for all referrals.

The Post Covid Syndrome Service is for patients 18 years and over who have ongoing, troubling symptoms more than 12 weeks after the acute illness which are not explained by an alternative diagnosis.

There is an expectation that the referring clinician will have carried out the necessary clinical assessment and investigations in order to rule out other diagnoses.

This is a therapy led service.

To be eligible for referral into this service, patient should have:

  • had a diagnosis of confirmed or suspected Covid-19 (made either clinically or through testing), and
  • persistent symptoms following their initial acute Covid-19 infection for more than 12 weeks

The service would also consider accepting patients who are more than 4 weeks and less than 12 weeks from initial onset if the referring clinician thinks they would benefit from this service.

All referrals will be triaged by an Allied Health Professional (AHP).

Following assessment, a patient centred treatment programme will be delivered by the Post Covid Syndrome Service AHPs supported by the multi professional Post Covid Syndrome Specialist Team.


GPs should submit referrals using the electronic form within their EMIS system.

Other referrers

Please complete and submit the Long Covid referral form and send, along with supporting information,