The Nursing and Care Home Liaison Team (NCHLT) is a Multi-Disciplinary Team in North Lancashire set up to assess patients with a formal diagnosis of dementia or suspected dementia who reside in nursing and care homes.

Patients referred to us are displaying behaviours which are difficult to manage by care staff and need an assessment of their needs. The team work with care home staff and the patient to assess and develop effective management plans to manage behaviours and look to reduce inappropriate prescribing of medications, especially antipsychotics. The team will also identify patients who do not have a formal diagnosis and will seek to ensure that the patient is assessed regarding this prior to discharge. Other key information regarding the team is that we aim to up skill the care staff we work with and deliver a prompt response to referrals received.

How to access the service

Physical causes to be ruled out prior to the referral being made. The person's GP has to refer to Single Point of Access (SPOA) if:

  • The person has a diagnosis of dementia or presents as confused
  • The person is displaying challenging behaviours which are difficult for staff to manage
  • The person is in 24 hour care in a care home, in a permanent bed