We want to make your visit to us as pleasant as possible, please take a look at the information below which answers our most frequently asked questions. 

Although we have tried to include all essential information, this site may not cover everything you want to know so if there is anything that you need to ask about your appointment or you can no longer attend please contact the office on 01772 520 900 option 4.

We also need to know if any of your details have changed, so please check the letters we have sent you and let us know if any of your details are wrong.

It would also be helpful to have your mobile number as we use an automated text message appointment reminder service

Please read through the following questions for more information.

The majority of our clinics are at the Minerva Health Centre. We do have a weekly clinic at Chorley Health Centre.

There is parking available at the Minerva Health Centre and on road parking at Chorley Health Centre.

To book transport for your appointment please follow the steps below:

Staff will ask you some simple questions to make sure you are eligible to use the service. Please have your NHS number to hand to make a booking. If you do not have your NHS number ask a receptionist or your GP who will be happy to help.

Journey to Clinic

For morning appointments please be ready to travel no later than 08:00am or at least 2 hours before your appointment time.

For afternoon appointments please be ready to travel no later than 12:30pm or at least 2 hours before your appointment time.

Please be aware that you may be away from home for a number of hours. It is a good idea to bring with you a packed lunch, a drink, newspaper or book to occupy yourself and any medication that you may need to take during the day.

You could arrive at the clinic up to an hour prior to your appointment time.

Journey home

Once you have finished your appointment the reception staff will contact Patient Transport Services and advise them that you are ready to go home.

Patient Transport Services aim to collect 80% of patients within 60 minutes and 90% of patients within 90 minutes after their appointment has finished. 

A small minority of patients may have to wait longer.

Please book in at the reception desk. The reception staff will check your details and direct you to the waiting area to sit in. You will then be asked to sit in the waiting area and the clinician will then call you in when ready.

Please bring your appointment letter with you and a full list of medications taken. The initial assessment can take an hour so please leave plenty of time.

We understand delays can occur. If you are early you will not be seen more quickly, but if you are late, other patients who arrived on time may be seen before you. If you arrive late it may not be possible for you to be seen on the day or you may have to wait until the end of the clinic. 

We run several clinics at the same time, not everybody is there to see the same service or clinician. You may also have arrived quite early for your appointment whereas the other patients may have arrived closer to their allocated appointment slot.

We ask you to remain in the waiting area to be called. If there is a long wait until your appointment and you want to leave the waiting area, please let a member of staff know. 

If your understanding of English is limited we use a service called Language Line, this is a telephone interpreter service. 

ME/CFS is a complex, neurological disorder that there is no specific diagnostic test therefore a diagnosis is made by exclusion of other medical causes of the symptoms you are experiencing plus your medical history and current presentation. The assessment can last up to an hour. We encourage patients to bring a list of their medication, list of symptoms and any questions.