The Mindsmatter service offers a wide range of therapies which are delivered in different way, one to one, group and workshops. What is the difference between these, how do I know which would be best for me?

A group is a collection of people who have been allocated to attend the sessions of your chosen therapy. Groups can range from small (approx. 10-15 people) to large (approx.50+). We offer a selection of interactive and non-interactive groups. Our workshop includes a small number of people interacting on common themes relating to common mental health problems. 1-2-1 sessions include individual therapy with one allocated therapist who you will see for the duration of your therapy.

What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), how can it help me?

CBT is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and using practical techniques helps you to overcome your anxiety or depression symptoms via the use of clinically relevant interventions. It is a collaborative approach, working with the patient to achieve relief in symptoms.

Will my employee have to let me take time of work to attend the appointments? What happens if I don't want them to know why I need the time off, do I need to tell them what the appointment is for?

Ideally, your employer should allow time for you to attend your appointments. You do not necessarily need to tell them what the appointment is for if you do not feel comfortable with this. We do offer a small number of evening clinics but you may need to wait longer if you require these.

Will my GP know if I have used the Mindsmatter service?

Yes. Your GP is informed when you enter our service and will get a brief update of progress on your discharge.

If I choose a therapy, start my session and then decide I do not like it or it is not working for me, what would happen? Can I swap to a different therapy?

If you do not like the therapy that you have started, please feel free to discuss this with your therapist and alternative arrangements can be made.

It will be difficult for me to attend appointments during the day, do you offer appointments in the evening?

We currently offer a very small number of evening appointments but you may have to wait longer for these.

Can I bring someone along to the appointments? Are they able to come into the session with me?

If you feel uncomfortable you can bring someone along to your first assessment session, although we do encourage that thereafter you attend on your own to gain maximum benefit from your therapy.

When will I receive an appointment?

The waiting lists for each therapy varies and changes often. As a standard approximate wait, our service waits are around 12 weeks. Please note, this could be shorter or longer depending on demand. The Big White Wall service is available whilst you wait.

I have been told I now need to wait for an appointment, I know this could be up to several months. Is there any other support I can access whilst waiting?

We recommend that you do not attend two different therapies at the same time as this can be confusing and overwhelming. However, self-help websites and support can be invaluable pre therapy or during therapy. In our service we offer \'Big White Wall\' which has a supportive network for you to access online. It allows you to interact with others who have similar problems to yourselves and gain access to workbooks online to help with specific elements of your problem.