Please see the useful resources section of this website for some further, non-education specific information on how to support children’s speech, language and communication development.

The links provided below are to provide you with further information and current resources available to families and the wider workforce. Information may change and LSCft is not responsible for the content of the links.

  • BBC Tiny Happy People - offers lots of simple, fun and free activities that parents and professionals can try with babies, toddlers and young children. Free to access.
  • Hungry Little Minds - simple fun, activities for kids aged 0 to 5 years. Free to access.
  • The National Literacy Trust, Words for Life - this site has some great ideas to support children’s learning and play. Free to access.
  • ICAN - Universally Speaking 0 to 5 years (ICAN and Pearson Assessment 2015) - information on the ages and stages of communication development and useful things to try. Free to download
  • Makaton - website to support learning and access to Makaton signing. Free resources and information for parents and professionals.
  • ICAN - communication friendly environments for early year settings. Free to download.
  • WellComm - allows practitioners to screen a child’s speech and language skills from 6 months to 6 years. Associated ‘Big Book of Ideas’ gives lots of targeted activities to use once levels are assessed. Toolkit is available to purchase.
  • Elklan resources for settings – Early Language Builders, Language Builders 0 to 3 years and EYBIC (information carrying word pack). Paperback resources are available to purchase.
  • Word Aware - Teaching Vocabulary in the Early Years (Stephen Parsons and Anna Branagan). Paperback resources to buy.
  • ICAN Early Talkboost 3 to 4 years - targeted group interventions for settings to run for children with delayed language. Requires purchase of training and intervention pack.

Please contact your Language Lead (Early Years Settings), SENCO, Specialist Teacher, SEND Service or Link Speech and Language Therapist from your local NHS team in order to discuss any further support your setting may need.


We offer a range of training courses. For enquiries, please contact the Speech and Language Therapy Training Department.

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