The Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service aims to provide evidence based services that anticipate and respond to the needs of children and young people who experience speech, language and communication difficulties.

Speech and Language Therapy works in partnership with individuals and their families and with other professions and agencies to reduce the impact of these often hidden and isolating difficulties on people's wellbeing and their ability to participate in daily life.

Through cooperative working with children/young people and those around them, the Speech and Language Therapy Service will provide assessment, diagnosis, therapy, practical advice and equipment to support children in developing and achieving academically, socially and emotionally to reach their full potential.

In order to facilitate a seamless service speech and language therapy staff work with partners from a number of organisations including education, social services and the private and voluntary sector.

Children may be supported through a specific, evidence based care pathway according to the outcome of the diagnostic assessment.

Episodes of speech and language therapy intervention may include any of the following direct and/or indirect interventions:

  • Advice (face to face, telephone or written) - both preventative or therapeutic
  • Direct intervention with the individual - either one to one or in a group
  • Training others to carry out interventions with the individuals
  • Training others in order to improve the communication or feeding environment
  • Referral on post discharge e.g. for long term support from the voluntary sector.

The aims of advice or interventions will be to:

  • Enable clients to achieve and maintain their communication potential (and eat and drink safely, where there is a need to do so)
  • Maximise the child’s/young person’s functional communication ability within their environment where further development or rehabilitation is not possible
  • Empower children/young people, parents and carers by enabling them to understand the communication or eating and swallowing difficulty and how they can manage this
  • Facilitate access to education, leisure and if appropriate, employment thus reducing social isolation
  • Promote wider awareness and understanding of communication, eating and swallowing difficulties and empowering others in how to prevent and/or support these.

Criteria for Referral

There is open access to the service, anyone with the consent of the child’s parent/carer can refer in to the service. 

Other professionals may refer the child or young person to the service e.g. Health Visitors, Nursery Nurses, Schools, Learning Disability Nurses, Children’s Services, Hospital Staff, Community Paediatricians, GP’s.

The child or young person should:

  • live in a relevant locality area
  • be registered with a GP in the relevant locality area
  • be age 0-18 years (up to 19 if in specialist education)
  • have a speech and language difficulty that is affecting their functional life skills/access to their environment.

Download the children's speech and language referral form

Download our detailed children's speech and language referral guidance

Referrals are accepted via:

Referral and Assessment Centre
Room FD GF 34
Daisyfield Mill
Appleby Street

Telephone: 01254 612 600

Email: C&

What Happens Next?

Each request is reviewed by a therapist to consider if the service can help. If we can help, the request is accepted and the parent/carer is notified. The parent/carer will be contacted when an appointment becomes available. 

If we are unable to help, the person who made the referral will be informed of this by letter.

There is advice and information on how to support children and young people at different ages and stages in the other sections of this website.

Training for Referrers

We aim to provide regular updates, advice and information for professionals who refer children and young people to our service. Please access our current referrer training session below and contact your local speech and language therapy team for further information if needed.


There are now a number of ways you may have your child's first appointment with our team. When you ring in for an appointment these options will be discussed and you will be given the support you need to access this appointment. 

The first appointment may be over the phone, via a video system called 'attend anywhere' or at one of our clinics face to face with a therapist.

At all first appointments the therapist will talk to you and ask questions about your child and your concerns. If the appointment is via video or face to face they will talk to your child and depending on their age may watch them playing or show them pictures. They may also carry out specific assessments of your child’s speech and language skills. They will explain the results of these to you and discuss what help your child might need.

On some occasions the therapist may also ask that you send videos in of your child so that they can get a better understanding of your child's needs. The therapist will provide you with a number to send this to and explain this process.

What if English is not my first Language?

If English is not your first language and you think you may not be able to communicate well with our staff please let us know this on the request for involvement as a professional interpreter can be booked for appointments.

Where is the Service Provided?

  • Broadoaks Child Development Centre, Balcarres Road, Leyland, PR25 3ED Broadoaks
  • Leyland Clinic, Yewlands Drive, Leyland, PR25 2TN
  • Chorley Health Centre, Collison Avenue, Chorley, PR7 2TH
  • Bamber Bridge Clinic, School Lane, Bamber Bridge, PR5 6QE

  • Geoffrey Street Clinic, Geoffrey Street, Preston, PR1 5NE
  • Longridge Community Hospital, Wilfred's Terrace Longridge, PR3 3WQ
  • Ingol Health Centre, Village Green Lane, Ingol, Preston
  • Ashton Health Centre, 67-69 Pedders Lane, Ashton, Preston PR2 1HR

  • Hants Lane Clinic, Hants Lane, Ormskirk, L39 1PX
  • Birleywood Health Centre, Birleywood, Digmoor, Skelmersdale, WN8 6BW
  • Burscough Health Centre, Stanley Court, Lord Street, Burscough, L40 4LA
  • Child Development Centre, Ormskirk & District General Hospital, Wigan Road, Ormskirk, L39 2JW

  • Acorn Primary Health Care Centre, 421 Blackburn Road, Accrington, BB5 1RT
  • Great Harwood Health Centre, Water Street, Great Harwood, BB6 7QR
  • Waterfoot Health Centre, Cowpe Road, Waterfoot, Rossendale, BB4 7DN
  • Rossendale Primary Care Centre, Bacup Road, Rawtenstall, Rossendale, BB4 7PL
  • Haslingden Health Centre, Manchester Road, Haslingden, Rossendale, BB4 5SL
  • Bacup Primary Health Care Centre, Irwell Mill, Rochdale Road, Bacup, Rossendale, OL13 9NR

  • St Peter's Centre, Church Street, Burnley, BB11 2DL
  • Yarnspinners Primary Health Care Centre, Carr Road, Nelson, BB9 7SR

  • Barbara Castle Way Health Centre, Simmons Street, Blackburn, BB2 1AX
  • Darwen Health Centre, James Street West, Darwen, BB3 2PY
  • Shadsworth Children's Centre, Shadsworth Road, Blackburn, BB1 2HR
  • Roman Road Health Centre, Fishmoor Drive, Blackburn, BB2 3UY