How to refer to our Children's Speech and Language Therapy Service

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    Speech & Language Therapy - How to Refer

    Criteria for Referral

    There is open access to the service, anyone with the consent of the child’s parent/carer can refer to the service. 

    Other professionals may refer the child or young person to the service e.g. Health Visitors, Nursery Nurses, Schools, Learning Disability Nurses, Children’s Services, Hospital Staff, Community Paediatricians, GPs.

    The child or young person should:

    • live in a relevant locality area
    • be registered with a GP in the relevant locality area
    • be age 0-18 years (up to 19 if in specialist education)
    • have a speech and language difficulty that is affecting their functional life skills/access to their environment.

    Please refer to our detailed guidance document below for further information about when to refer.

    Click here to download our Referral Form

    Click here to download our Detailed Guidance (When to Refer)

    Referrals are accepted via:

    Referral and Assessment Centre

    Room FD GF 34

    Daisyfield Mill

    Appleby Street

    Blackburn BB1 3BL

    Telephone: 01254 612600

    Email: C&


    What Happens Next?

    Each request is reviewed by a therapist to consider if the service can help.  If we can help, the request is accepted and the parent/carer is notified.  The parent/carer will be contacted when an appointment becomes available. 

    If we are unable to help, the person who made the referral will be informed of this by letter.

    There is advice and information on how to support children and young people at different ages and stages in the other sections of this website.

    Training for Referrers

    We aim to provide regular updates, advice and information for professionals who refer children and young people to our service.  Please access our current referrer training session below and contact your local speech and language therapy team for further information if needed.