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Personality Disorders Managed Clinical Network (PDMCN)

The Managed Clinical Network provides a Hub and Spoke model in which the Hub, composed of the core team, works across the adult network in collaboration with the wider teams to provide and support specialist psychological interventions that are NICE compliant. All Trust wide staff, when they are delivering Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, are clinically led and managed by the PDMCN.

The PDMCN will facilitate provision of specialist consultation and training to enhance the care and treatment of service users with complex needs. This approach aims to promote skills in the development of formulated care plans for people with severe personality disorders and/or particularly complex problems that take into account the views of different services involved and provides a unified approach to the management and/or therapy of the service user.

Personality Disorder Managed Clinical Network (PDMCN)

West Stand House



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