Specialist dietitians have an important role in helping someone to recover from an eating disorder and work alongside other members of the team including nurses, medical doctors, psychologists and cognitive behavioural therapists. We mostly work in the community, in different locations across Lancashire and South Cumbria. 

We aim to support people of all ages to move towards a positive relationship with food and their body, to ensure that they are physically and mentally well enough to do the things they want to in life.

Specialist dietitians work with service users in various ways, for example by:

  • Providing guidance about safe refeeding after a period of dietary restriction
  • Providing individualised recommendations depending on physical checks (such as blood test results)
  • Putting a personalised meal plan together to support meal and snack choices
  • Dispelling food myths or misconceptions
  • Providing education when needed around what a balanced dietary intake looks like and what appropriate portions sizes are
  • Guiding towards an adequate and varied nutritional intake to support general good health and wellbeing, both for now and in the future (for example, in relation to mental health, bone health or fertility)
  • Supporting people to let go of unhelpful and unnecessary food rules, to allow for increased food freedom and flexibility
  • Supporting in challenging any identified ‘fear foods’

What we expect from service users:

To attend scheduled appointments. Appointments may be virtual or in person, with or without another member of the Eating Disorder Team. 

The Specialist Eating Disorder Dietitians come as part of the Eating Disorders Team. If you believe you have an eating disorder and are not receiving support from a specialist team, please speak to your GP who can arrange a referral.

Useful websites

Beat Eating Disorders

BDA The Association of UK Dietitans 

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West Lancashire All Age Eating Disorders Service: 01695 684 382

East Lancashire All Age Eating Disorders Service: 01282 657 999

The Bay All Age Eating Disorders Service: 01530 462 360 and 01539 715 689

Fylde Coast All Age Eating Disorders Service: 01530 462 360 and 01253 448 025

Central Lancashire All Age Eating Disorders Service: 01772 647 004 and 01772 647 199