The Home Oxygen Service is a specialised service managed and run by highly experienced respiratory nurses. The service is available to support all patients with a GP in Blackburn with Darwen who use oxygen therapy at home.

We work closely with all health care professionals across all specialisms, as the service covers all ages from 'cradle to grave'.

The aim of the service is to ensure all patients seen are provided with coordinated, personalised and holistic care and support, ensuring patients are safe and risk free at home (or in their chosen environment) whilst on oxygen.

We aim to educate all patients to given them a better understanding about oxygen and the clinical reasons why oxygen is prescribed. This enables patients to understand why oxygen may not be prescribed but also a better understanding how oxygen (if clinically required) can improve wellbeing.

How to access the service

The Home Oxygen service accepts patients via a referral form sent by a health care professional. A clinicians within the service will then assess the patient to see if they clinically require oxygen or they may be referred onto other appropriate services. If home oxygen is required the service will support the patient and family by undertaking safety checks, order the oxygen and provide follow up support.

Important information to all patients seen in the Oxygen Service:

  • Not all patients who are referred to the oxygen service will require oxygen
  • The nurses will undertake a full assessment and this will include looking at all your medications including inhalers
  • Advise on good inhaler technique because this is essential when managing all respiratory conditions and if taken correctly can relieve some of the symptoms patients experience on a daily basis


Safety is an important part of the service. All patients on oxygen have a detailed risk assessessment in the home. The nurses provided education and advice including information on home and car insurance. If the patient requires oxygen while outside the house, discussions about being safe in the environments where you take your oxygen cylinder.

All patients are seen by Lancashire Fire and Rescue as part of the safety check.

Where the service is provided

The service is provided at a variety of clinic bases in Blackburn with Darwen and also visit patients at home who are unable to attend clinic.